Club Systems Diagnostics

This page gives diagnostic information for Club Systems customers for testing whether the ports on a Systech device used for a print server are properly working. This test will also reset the default speed for the port back to the 4800 baud required by the Club Systems printers.

Test Procedure

  • To run the test do the following,
  • download the testport.exe file to your Club Systems server (right click on the link and "Save Target As" to a file).
  • stop the ClubConnect print services (see details below)
  • verify that the serial port LEDs on the Systech unit are orange or off (green means that they are still in use by ClubConnect)
  • run testport.exe - the screen will look similar to this: 
  • for each port you want to test:
    • attach a KNOWN GOOD printer to the port
    • select the port from the list (see port selection below)
    • select Port Speed 4800
    • select "Test Port"
    • the program should report SUCCESS
    • the attached printer should print a test pattern ("0123456789ABCDEF" repeated)

Did it Work?

If the test succeeds and the test pattern was printed, restart the print services in ClubConnect. The port speed has been reset and the printers should now be working.

If Test Port reports an error, then the port is probably in use or not configured correctly. The Test Port utility should ALWAYS report SUCCESS as in the example above. Check that the print services are stopped and that the port LEDs are orange or off. If it continues to give errors, contact support.

If one or more KNOWN GOOD printers do not print the test pattern, although the test reports SUCCESS, the port server is probably bad. Contact Systech to have the port server repaired or replaced.

If you are unsure whether the problem is with the printer or the port server, there are a couple of things you can do.

  1. Try the printer from a local serial port (ie not a Systech port). If it does not work, get it repaired or replaced.
  2. Connect pins 2 and 3 on the Systech port   and run Test Port with the "Loopback installed" button clicked. If Test Port reports an error, the port is bad and the unit needs to be repaired.

Port Selection

The ports on the Systech port server are labeled 1-4. However, these may not correspond directly to the NativeCOM port numbers. Most likely, your host machine already has COM1 and COM2, so the port server ports are going to be COM3, COM4, COM5 and COM6. You can determine the actual COM ports associated with the ports on the Systech unit through the NativeCOM Configuration Utility. Go to:

Start->Programs->NativeCOM->NativeCOM Configuration Utility.

The COM ports will be listed along the left side and their corresponding serial ports on the right. 

Stopping and Restarting Print Services

To stop the ClubConnect print services, go to:

Start->Settings->Control Panel->Services

or for Win2000:

Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services

Then find either "pserver" (for older versions of ClubConnect) or "hsipos" (for newer versions). There will be about 10 such services listed. Only one, if any, will be "Started". Right-click it and select "Stop". The port lights on the Systech units should go orange (for the RCS products) or off (for the NDS products).

To retart the print services:

Start->Restart Print Servers.

Further Information

If you have further questions, contact
- support at Club Systems (email or 800-356-4242) or
- support at Systech (email or 800-800-8970 x711)