Connected Health

Remote patient monitoring and operations enhancement. Help reduce readmissions by monitoring conditions related to Diabetes, Cardiac, Mental Health, Respiratory, Obesity, Cancer, and Orthopedic. Systech gateways connect wired and wireless Bluetooth devices to your EHR system or private cloud.


Building Automation

Connect and automate your buildings to enable cost and energy savings.  Systech solutions can optimize lighting schedules, HVAC operations, and security monitoring.  Integrating local sensors for temperature, humidity, and motion, the local Rules Engine will control on-site equipment to run at full efficiency.

Smart Energy

IoT is revolutionizing how power is delivered from the power plant and used throughout the city. The integration of sensors and other connected devices is leading to more efficient integration of green energy sources, like wind and solar. Bring together other smart devices, including appliances, lighting, security cameras, and door locks. Used together and managed by a local IoT Gateway, leads to energy reduction, cost savings.


Tank Monitoring

Remote monitoring and control for tank storage.  Optimize operating efficiency with remote access to tank information.  Generate alerts and reports 24/7 for properties such as fill level or temperature.  Reduce tank servicing costs.  Optionally use local Rules Engine to actuate devices based on preset conditions such as turning on pumps, fans, or generate local alerts as necessary.


Video Surveillance

Augment traditional video surveillance with IoT.  Security devices may be monitored and controlled, such as door locks, motion sensors, and sirens.  A local Rules Engine can detect triggerable events to secure locations in real-time, and generate local alerts -- without depending on Internet availability.


Public Lighting

To increase safety and reduce operational costs, an IoT-based automated lighting solution can provide an ideal solution.  View light status as well as lighting schedules, energy consumption, and faulty equipment.  Augment the solution with light sensors, motion detectors, and weather sensing to further optimize operation.


Network Failover

Businesses rely on reliable network connectivity.  Primary network connections are subject to service disruptions that may put business operations at risk.  Systech IoT gateways will keep your network up and running with automatic network failover technology.  Your communications will seamlessly transition between your primary network and cellular as needed.


Point of Sale

The retail market requires innovative IoT solutions to remain competitive.  Systech solutions can address inventory management, location tracking, and network failover to help optomize retail operations and maximize sales margins.  IoT solutions also address retail signage, lighting, and environmental controls.


Digital Signage

Move beyond static signage.  Systech IoT solutions can generate the right message, at the right time.  Local sensors will detect customer behavior as well as other external conditions to allow the local Rules Engine to optimize digital content being displayed.  IoT digital signage solutions build a bridge between displays and the rest of the world.


Kiosk & ATM

Kiosks and ATMs include many components that need monitoring and maintenance, including screens, card readers, and batteries.  A Systech IoT solution can reduce downtime by detecting and reporting conditions that can often be solved remotely, eliminating a truck roll.  Software updates can be remotely managed.  Also, kiosk location can be tracked if necessary.