Since its founding in 1981, Systech Corporation has been in the business of building products that link things to a network or the Internet.

Initially, the company developed input and output products for multi-user computers.  Later, Systech expanded its product market strategy by introducing a product family that addressed requirements for linking terminals and printer servers.  In the late 90's, the company began to develop products for the commercial network device server market.  Systech is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of Serial-to-IP and Dial-to-IP network conversion devices for enabling IP communications. 

Today, Systech designs and manufactures products for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market.  Systech’s family of SysLINK modular IoT gateways include unique modular features for flexible input and output support.  Additionally, Systech develops the SysSCRIPT graphical IoT software solution.

Systech's history includes innovative network device server and Internet payment gateway solutions many worldwide markets spanning electronic transaction, point of sale, retail operations, and industrial, commercial, and health applications. Over a million Systech networking devices facilitate mission critical applications worldwide, providing our customers with the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to enable IP communications for their systems and devices.

The company's corporate headquarters are in San Diego, California.  Additional sales and marketing are in the USA and Europe.  Systech proudly designs and manufactures most of its products in America.