Cellular IoT Gateway
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The SysLINK IoT Gateway supports a wide range of devices and technologies including Zigbee, ZWave, Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, serial, USB, Modbus, and GPIO. Cellular supports a single SKU for AT&T, Verizon, and others.

The local integrated Linux operating system allows the gateway to be customized for almost any application. Cloud connectivity to AWS or other cloud solutions is implemented with MQTT, Socket.IO, and other secure industry standard protocols.


Cellular Connectivity — 5G Ready

Cellular is a great way to connect your IoT applications. It is easy to deploy, and has become increasingly economical over the years. Cellular is available worldwide, however technologies vary by region and change over time.

Systech Gateways support every important IoT variant of cellular technology including HSAP+, 4G LTE Cat-M, Cat-1, Cat-3, Cat-4, and NB-IoT. Additionally, Systech Gateways are compatible with today’s 5G IoT cellular deployments. Specifically, Systech Gateways support 5G LTE Cat-1 and Cat-M offered by major cellular carriers today.

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Future Proof

Systech IoT Gateways provide risk-free cellular upgrade options to help ensure your IoT application deployment remains compatible with the latest cellular technology.

Upgrading the cellular technology in the gateway simply requires swapping in a new cellular modem card and possibly new antennas. This upgrade can be performed in the field, if desired.


Your carrier, your choice. Systech IoT gateways can be configured to support almost every major carrier worldwide.


Single Worldwide SKU

Depending on your regions of interest, you may have the option to deploy using a single SKU, or product model. No need to inventory multiple versions. No need to manage final destinations. A single Systech Gateway can be configured to operate just about anywhere.

Note: Most regions supported in North America, Australia, and the EU.

Dual SIM

Why limit your IoT connectivity to a single carrier with a single SIM? All new Systech SysLINK IoT Gateways support cellular with optional dual SIMs. Gateways equipped with dual-SIMs can dynamically select among multiple cellular carriers and data plans.

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