Building Automation: Super Cool for Air Conditioning this Summer

As summer approaches, HVAC companies everywhere will be on high alert, installing new systems and making sure existing ones are in proper working order. Of course, as temperatures gradually rise your customers’ bills are likely to follow suit. The hotter the weather outside, the higher air conditioning units everywhere are cranked up.

Fortunately, with building automation powered via the Internet of Things, your company can offer customers a new way to stay cool without breaking the bank. The Internet of Things allows machines to speak to each other directly and give instructions based on pre-established rules without human intervention.

Picture an executive at company headquarters tasked with monitoring operations at the organization’s disparate locations. During business hours, the company’s warehouse air conditioning is set to 68 degrees. Temperatures outside are in the 90s and keeping the facility cool while workers do intense physical labor is a health precaution.

But one day, the manager at headquarters realizes that long after the warehouse’s hours of operation are over, the temperature is still resting at 68. Policy dictates that the warehouse should be set to 76 degrees overnight to avoid wasting energy. But on this occasion, clearly the foreman simply forgot to change the settings before closing for the night.

In the past, a company would have no choice but to incur the unnecessary expense of an air conditioning system pumping away over night. But with sophisticated building automation a building manager can create rules that govern how the building is cooled. So if the manager had configured the system to raise the temperature to 76 at 10 p.m. automatically every night there is no possibility of energy being wasted for the entire overnight period.

Not only will your customers be able to leverage remote temperature control to save money, they’re more likely to stick with you for the long term knowing you offer cutting-edge solutions that make a tangible difference to them. So to review, temperature control automation:

  • Saves your customers money through improved logistics

  • Increases customer satisfaction

  • Makes your company money

Seems like a win-win for everybody.