The Benefit of M2M Gateways for Retail Petroleum

When customers stop to buy gas, their focus is typically making sure they have the fuel they need to get where they are going. As a secondary aim, they may also want to get their cars washed or stock up on cool beverages and hearty snacks. While these might seem like goals for the traveler, they require significant considerations from petroleum retailers. That is where a M2M gateway comes into play.

Managing all the assets at a fuel site requires automation processes that ensure maximum efficiency.  From gas pumps to car washes, building automation systems improve business processes, resulting in lower costs, increased production and more satisfied customers.

For example, when customers want to wash dirt off their vehicles they assume their cars will coast seamlessly through the brushes and hoses of a car wash. High-performing machinery is imperative for this operation because malfunctions cause service backup, irritated customers and loss of revenue.  

Systech’s network device servers support a wide range of retail system peripherals, including close monitoring of car wash equipment with alerts that are sent to managers when equipment is damaged or not working to maximum capacity. In many cases these devices can actually self-correct an equipment issue, bypassing the need for any human intervention whatsoever.

Similar advantages are found by automating fuel pumps. Sensors keep tanks from being overfilled and spilling gas, which is both wasteful and dangerous. Automation devices can also keep tabs on inventory so managers never need to scramble to meet consumer demand. Additionally, Systech’s payment systems solutions can improve point-of-service transactions.

Systech helps merchants achieve a wide range of benefits from device servers, including:

  • Increased uptime from improved remote diagnostics

  • Cost savings from improved fuel logistics

  • Revenue maximized by meeting consumer demand