Three Cool M2M Uses You Haven’t Heard About

If you follow technology even casually, chances are you've heard a lot about the possibilities that machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions can offer for real-world problems. You may not be aware, however, about some of its more cutting-edge applications. So here are three M2M uses I think are pretty cool, and I hope you'll agree!

Food Management: New smart refrigerators—like the one LG introduced at last year's Consumer Electronics Show—that allow the user to locate a particular item or check an expiration date. These appliances can also be used to shop for groceries directly from a dashboard, meaning that when you realize you are out of mustard you can order more right away rather than risk forgetting about it when you finally have some time to make it to the grocery store.

Water Quality and Usage: One of the biggest global challenges that much of the population isn't even aware exists is that water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of the population for the past century. Smart meters give extremely precise readings for water usage so that customers are charged for exactly the water they use and are alerted in the event of an abnormally high usage in a given month. Customers can keep a closer eye on how much water they are using and take steps to cut back if money is being wasted. Sensors in reservoirs can also monitor water quality remotely.

Sterilization for Surgery: Robotic sterilization of equipment is an emerging technology that has great implication for the future of surgery. Currently, the process of cleaning surgical tools is almost entirely manual, consuming valuable man hours. When the necessary tools aren't sterilized and ready for surgery, procedures can even be delayed. An M2M solution can help locate, sort and sterilize equipment while preserving precious hospital resources.

What M2M applications are you excited about?