IPG/NDS Version 02F.2 Code Images

Some things to pay attention to

  • On IPG's, starting with version 02F, browsing directly to the unit using HTTP is disabled. You must browse using HTTPS (see browser notes). If you have a configuration on the unit that has an alternate port for HTTPS (done for many units after the Heartbleed attacks in 2014) you will need to include that port number in the address line:

    • Example:

  • Admin passwords are stored in the configuration database in a new format. Code versions before 02F don't know about this new format. Because of this:

    • The first time you boot a unit with the new code the configuration data base on that unit will be converted to the new format.

    • Once you have loaded 02F or later on a unit it will not allow you to load older code back on the unit.

    • "Old" style configurations may continue to be loaded on units with new code (they will be automatically converted by the unit)

    • If you save a config from a unit running new code and load it on a unit running old code:

      • a) the old unit will not refuse this config, but

      • b) the old unit will not recognize the password and will revert to the factory default password

Code Images

IPG/75xx and IPG/71xx
IPG/70xx (ver. 02F.2H)
NDS/1101 (reduced)
NDS/1104 (reduced)
NDS/1131 (enhanced)
NDS/1134 (enhanced)
NDS/5016 and NDS/5008, NDS/6008
02F File system For any of the above

Release Notes

Release notes - 02F to 02F.2

BUG Category Notes
2911 Protocol Filter IPG reuses bad SSL session when set to respawn a host connection. Equivalent of 02D.30A
3181 UI Help icon (help.gif) not shown on help popup pages when browsing to unit with HTTPS.
3201 UI Cannot access the HTTPS UI when the identity certificate is missing and the IPG cannot get the time.
3208 rHTTP Some UI pages are not accessible via remote management.
3215 Protocol Filter RISE filter retry change (2760) causes last byte of packet to be retried multiple times. Equivalent of 02D.30A
3217 Protocol Filter Enable Shell TCP/IP format filter. This is the equivalent of 02D.32C
3218 PDA NDS and IPG may not be able to save PDA records when PDA fills.