Systech Launches New Modular IoT Gateway That Meets Any Need

How does an IoT developer bring their application to life?  The key is bridging IoT software with IoT hardware sensors, devices, and gateways.  Systech Corporation has launched a new modular IoT hardware gateway, the SysLINK SL-1500, which allows IoT solution providers to create complete IoT solutions in a fraction of the normal time.  Often, the development time can be reduced to just a few minutes.  The ability to deliver complete IoT solutions in this timeframe is a real game-changer in the IoT industry.

“The SL-1500 Modular IoT Gateway is the newest member of the SysLINK gateway family,” says Jon Goby, vice president of sales at Systech.  “The SysLINK family was introduced several years ago, and has been highly regarded in the IoT industry, and has won several IoT industry awards over the years.”

The new SL-1500 adds support for many physical and wireless IoT interfaces, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, zigbee, Z-Wave, Ethernet, and USB.  It also includes support for GPIO and Modbus.  Amazingly, all these interfaces may be used simultaneously, so this is a perfect gateway to bridge several wired or wireless products together in a single application.  The SL-1500 is about half the size of previous solutions, at a much lower cost.

Additionally, like all SysLINK gateways, the SL-1500 consists of a Linux OS and processor.  Software can run locally on the gateway, which provides intelligent, if-this-then-that edge computing that does not require Internet access.  It also supports SysSCRIPT, which features a graphical, drag-and-drop IoT programming paradigm that does not require a technical background to create code that executes on the gateway.

The SL-1500 is a robust, modular, secure IoT solution that is backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.  It also includes free remote cloud management, free SysSCRIPT-Lite IoT edge software, and free technical support.  The value of the new SL-1500 simply cannot be beat.