Systech, Integron, and NetFoundry Demonstrating IoT Innovation at MWCA 2017

This week at the Mobile World Congress Americas event in San Francisco, Systech is exhibiting innovative IoT solutions along with our partners Integron and NetFoundry. Located at booth #157 in the North hall at Moscone center, the companies are demonstrating some of the latest advancements in IoT.

Throughout the week, Integron has been showcasing managed IoT services portfolio, which is being powered by several of our ecosystem partners, including Systech and NetFoundry. Integron’s managed IoT services provide enterprise customers with a complete set of services that help them deploy edge IoT devices, ensure that they are reliably connected to a company’s cloud infrastructure, and provide ongoing device management, network management, and logistics support.

Systech: IoT Health Monitoring

Systech, a leading provider of Systech provides IoT gateways and software, is demonstrating SysMED™, a complete solution for professional clinics and home health monitoring.

SysMED improves healthcare quality with the availability of real-time, continuous health and environment data. The solution utilizes a low-cost local gateway that monitors practically any health device without a tablet or smartphone. Instead, a local gateway resides on-site 24/7, continuously receiving data from the local devices, including pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, door and motion sensors, and bed pressure sensors. The SysMED gateway supports a wide range of underlying connectivity technologies, including cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, USB, and Ethernet. Alerts may be generated to highlight special situations, such as bed occupancy at an unexpected time, and help prevent more serious conditions.

Remote patient monitoring with SysMED reduces healthcare costs by decreasing readmissions and increased staff efficiency.

NetFoundry: Software-defined Networking for IoT

Integron is partnering with NetFoundry to offer software-defined networking (SDN) as a managed service, part of Integron’s overall suite of managed IoT services. NetFoundry, originally incubated in Tata Communications’ Shape the Future program, is the world’s first platform that enables enterprises to extend networks across IoT, clouds and IT with the security and reliability of WANs, but with the agility of an Internet-based, software-only architecture. The partnership allows Integron to embed the NetFoundry MultiCloud and IoTConnect platform within the Integron managed service solution, providing improved flexibility, configurability, and time-to-market control for IoT Private Networks, and security for IoT deployments.