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IoT for OEMs

Learn how the SysLINK off-the-shelf IoT gateway can get your custom Internet of Things (IoT) application off the ground and into production quickly


If you are a System Integrator or VAR, in this Quick Hits video you’ll learn how the SysLINK off-the-shelf IoT gateway can get your custom Internet of Things application off the ground and into production quickly.

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Hi, I am Robert Lutz with Systech Corporation.

If you are looking to develop a custom IoT application, you are probably focused on the architecture of the solution.  Perhaps you are leveraging your expertise with the development of web-based, or server-based software. 

Your core competency is the market vertical you are developing for.  You know your customers.  You know your customer’s pain points and your customer’s solution requirements.  You know how to address the market with your solution.

But, what about the hardware?  What about the network?  Are you prepared to develop and design your own communication equipment?  Are you ready to deal with the details of power envelopes, thermal dissipation, RF interference, plastic design, component selection and acquisition, reliability analysis, and agency certifications?  Are you prepared to deal with component ordering lead times, and inventory concerns?

At one level, this is your classic “build vs. buy” decision process.  There are always trade-offs going either direction. 

However, for an IoT application, there are other considerations at play.

Simply put, there are very few options to choose from when going down the path of purchasing a pre-built IoT solution. 

Why is that?

There are several reasons.

  1. All the issues I mentioned earlier.
  2. IoT applications are diverse.
  3. IoT is relatively new

So, how can a Systech SysLINK IoT Gateway meet your needs as a system integrator or an OEM?

All manufacturing activities off your plate.  Only two question needs to be answered.  What configuration do you require?  And how many do you want?

Configuration flexibility is provided by the modular hardware design of the SysLINK gateway.  Many of the interface options are configured with plug-in option cards.  This includes cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave.  See another Quick hits topic to learn more about the hardware flexibility of the gateway.

Branding – Physical, Software.  Physical – Over 90% of the visible surface area of the gateway can be customized with full color graphics.  The only limit on the look of the device is your imagination.  Even the plastic colors can be customized, if desired.

Software – The software included in the gateway is standard Linux.  It is extremely easy to customize and modify for your own purposes.  From a branding perspective, you are likely providing your own, personalized user interface.  The software provided by Systech for the gateway is used only for your internal purposes, and not visible to the end-user.

You may optionally choose to expose Systech software, such as the SysSCRIPT graphical programming interface.  If so, this software fully supports your custom branding, including your logo, and your corporate colors.

Gateway management – This is huge.  How do you manage the software and configurations of hundreds or thousands of gateways.  Systech provides a free, cloud-based management software that gives you the tools and APIs to access and configure all your deployed gateways.  All gateways are configured as a group, so only a single configuration is required.  Each and every gateway will be updated automatically.

See another Quick Hits topic to learn more about this free gateway management software.

So, the SysLINK IoT gateway can support all sorts of IoT applications -- and you can configure it and brand it to your standards.  It's off-the-shelf configuration options are likely to meet the needs of whatever IoT application you may have.


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