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In this video, we'll create a custom remote tank monitoring solution - from the ground up.


If you’re working to develop your own IoT application, this Quick Hits video will help get you on your way quickly, and efficiently.

In this video, we’ll create a custom remote tank monitoring solution – from the ground up.  With the right tools, you’ll be able to get this custom application up and running in just a few short minutes.

So, check this out!


Hi, I am Robert Lutz with Systech Corporation.

So, you are looking to tackle the job of developing a custom IoT application. 

For example, you might want to implement a remote tank monitoring system.  In this application, you want to remotely monitor one or more tanks that store some type of liquid.  These tanks receive liquid sporadically, and unpredictably.  To prevent them from becoming full, they need to be emptied by a truck that must be dispatched.  Also, there are concerns about security at the tank site, such as unauthorized access to the tank contents.

goals of this application include the following:  You want to optimize the truck dispatch process eliminating unnecessary trips.  On the other hand, you also want to send the truck early enough to prevent the tank from becoming too full.  Also, you want to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the tank.

Traditionally, this could take months and months of research and development.  You have hardware issues to consider.  For example, what sensors to use.  What communication technology.  Should it be hardwired, or wireless?  How to bridge the data to the cloud?

You also have software to deal with.  How to collect the data.  How to act on the data.  Should you perform local data analytics?  Can you compress the data to save communication costs?  Then you also have cloud software to develop.  And what about the user interface?  Perhaps a native app for the end user?

All this takes time, and development resources.

Your real goal, and a true measure of success is how quickly you can develop and refine your IoT application, and convert it from a development project to a revenue producing application.

At Systech Corporation, we are here to help you.  We have the hardware and software products and tools to get you into your IoT market quickly, and economically.

To demonstrate how you can use these tools, we’re going to develop a tank monitoring application from the ground up.  Right here in this single, short video.

This is real, and I am not going to do anything behind the scenes.  I’ll be using readily available hardware that you can typically purchase from multiple sources.  I’m going to initialize and set everything up from scratch, as if opening these products for the first time. 

Yet when this video is complete, it will be a fully functioning tank monitoring IoT application.

Since some of this IoT hardware technology is customized, I will show you how I created the hardware.

Typically, these Quick Hits videos are about 5 minutes long.  But, since this video will build an entire application from scratch, It’ll  run a bit longer, but still less than 15 minutes.

I’ll be going through the development process quickly – perhaps even fast-forwarding at times.  Feel free to pause or slow down the video as desired to see every step.

So, lets get started.


Alerts: Tank approaching full.  Unauthorized tank access. 

Bonus benefit: Track tank level over time for improved understanding of daily operations.

2nd Phase: Access valve door open too long.  Alert if tank does not receive liquid at least once a day.  Control local pump to transfer contents between tanks as necessary.

Specific goal for initial release:

1.     When tank reaches 80% of capacity, send alert.

2.     If tank access door opened by unauthorized personnel, send alert.

Equipment: Systech SL-600

Tank level sensor

Z-Wave wireless door contact sensor.


Add devices

Add cell phones

See device in action.

Create scripts:

Tank full

Disarm monitoring

Arm monitoring

Unauthorized access alert

Refine the GUI


This is just one of many Quick Hits topics available at Systech.com. Take a look at other Quick Hits Topics and I am sure you will see one that you’ll find valuable.

For more information check out IoT hardware and software solutions available from Systech Corporation.  And leave a note there, if you have ideas for future Quick Hit videos.

Thanks, and have a great day.