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The Internet of Things (or IoT) can help a Vacation Rental host by increasing profits, reducing costs, and increase safety using some simple, off-the shelf hardware and software.

Hello, in this Quick Hits video, you will see how the Internet of Things (or IoT) can help a Vacation Rental host by increasing profits, reducing costs, and increase safety.  It takes advantage of some simple, off-the shelf hardware and software.

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If you’re involved in the Vacation Rental market, you already know some of the key pain points that can negatively affect both the host, and guest’s experience.

For example,

One of the primary vacation rental pain points occurs immediately when a guest arrives at the property site, and needs to obtain keys to enter the home.  How is this typically handled today?

In some cases, the host will travel out to meet the guest when they arrive at the property.  This, of course, requires scheduling an appropriate time to meet.  This can be difficult, due to travel delays and other possible interruptions.

In other cases, the keys are left in a lock box, or hidden in a location outside the property.  This is certainly not secure.  Also, keys sometimes go missing as the previous guest fails to return the keys to the proper location.

The bottom line is that providing keys to guests can be a stressful event, and does not contribute to a positive vacation experience.

A great solution to this problem is the Systech SysLINK IoT Modular hardware gateway and SysSCRIPT software.  SysLINK is a Modular IoT gateway that can communicate with a wide range of home devices and sensors. 

When used with common wireless door locks, the need for physical keys is essentially eliminated.

Unique entry codes are generated for each guest.  When guests arrive, they enter their assigned code into the door lock, rather than a physical key to enter the property.  This eliminates the need for figuring out how to exchange physical keys.

This also ensures guests gain access to property strictly during valid days of their stay.  They will have no access to the property outside the given rental timeline.  Also, there is no need to return the keys.

Ever wonder when your guest initially arrives?  Or wonder when the guest departs at the end of their stay?  With Systech, you can review the access log, and know exactly who is entering your property, and at what time.  You can even generate automatic text messages sent to you or your property manager, based on guest access.

And how about housekeeping or maintenance contractors?  Entry codes can be assigned, and access limited to specific days and times – all entirely within your control.

Even if a contractor arrives later than scheduled, they can call you.  And if you choose, you can remotely lock or unlock doors to provide one-time access, while still maintaining full security control.

And this is just the beginning.  Once you have a Systech solution on-site, this opens the possibility of a complete smart home.  You can manage air conditioning and heating costs.  You can control interior and exterior lighting.  You can ensure proper irrigation schedules for your lawn and garden.  You can even monitor for frozen pipes or leaks in the basement or laundry room.

Has a guest opened windows, or propped open an entry door?  To save energy, your smart home can automatically disable the HVAC system temporarily when windows or doors are left open.  No need to cool off the entire neighborhood, right?

All this is possible with the addition of simple wireless sensors that can easily be easily installed in just minutes.

So, how is this done?

Simply add a single SysLINK gateway anywhere within your property.  This provides a local wireless Z-Wave or ZigBee network to communicate with door locks, contact sensors, motion sensors, or lighting control switches that you add to the system.  Nothing to wire, as most sensors are wireless.

Additionally, the SysLINK gateway links your smart home to the Internet.  To ensure consistent connectivity, the gateway communicates to the Internet over a variety of links.

It will use your existing home wired broadband service via Ethernet,

or it will use your home’s Wi-Fi wireless network,

or it will use the gateway’s internal cellular connection for the Internet. 

This triple-redundancy will ensure smooth operation, and a seamless experience for the host and guest.

As a host, you can remotely monitor and control your rental property from anywhere using your smart phone or computer.


I hope this short, Quick Hits video helped you and your IoT application.

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