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Category: IoT Applications

Vacation Rental

The Internet of Things (or IoT) can help a Vacation Rental host by increasing profits, reducing costs, and increase safety using some simple, off-the shelf hardware and software.

Refrigeration Monitoring

Learn how to create a custom refrigeration monitoring solution from the ground up.

Category: IoT Hardware

CELLULAR Technology

Learn what cellular options are available for Systech gateways, and how you can choose the cellular option that is best for your application.

Modular Gateway

How can a modular IoT gateway be used for your IoT application

Edge Computing

Learn how Edge Computing relates to Cloud Computing, and how it can help accelerate your IoT application.

Category: IoT Software

SysSCRIPT Lite Introduction

Learn about the free SysSCRIPT Lite included with your SysLINK IoT modular gateway.

Add or remove Z-Wave devices

How to add or remove Z-Wave devices to the Systech IoT SysSCRIPT solution.

IoT Gateway Management (SOUP)

Manage thousands of IoT Gateways with SOUP.