SysSCRIPT Modbus Support

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SysSCRIPT™ is a beginner-friendly scripting solution that anyone can use for Machine To Machine applications or the Internet of Things.

    Many M2M applications require local intelligence in the gateway.  Local intelligence provides many advantages including:

    • Monitor and control properties of any device.
    • Data filtering to reduce the amount of raw data transmitted to the cloud.
    • Local data analytics, providing a focused view of important data points and ability to recognize and process trends.
    • Local “if this then that” functionality without the need for Internet connectivity.
    • Fast response time, eliminating the potentially slow path to and from the cloud.

    SysSCRIPT with Modbus support runs on any member of the SysLINK Modular IoT Gateway family and supports both TCP and RTU interfaces depending on the gateway model.

    Modbus TCP to RTU Gateway Software

    Coupled with Systech industry-leading Serial-to-IP and Industrial network device servers, Systech's Modbus Gateway software delivers a powerful software-based solution to enable serial-to-IP connections for Modbus TCP/IP clients and Modbus/RTU devices.

    The Modbus Gateway software accepts connections from the Modbus TCP/IP clients and converts the connections to Modbus RTU to access serial devices connected to Systech network servers.

    • Uses standard Modbus Interfaces
    • 16 simultaneous client connections
    • RTU devices do not need to be modified

    Browser-based user configuration allows users to associate Modbus TCP/IP addresses with a particular serial port. The software includes a Permit List that controls, by IP address, which clients may access the Modbus Gateway.

    Systech's Modbus Gateway Software is bundled and licensed at no additional charge with Systech's NDS server family.