NativeCOM Networked COM Ports Software


Industry-Leading Networking Software Allows Your Existing Windows Applications to Address LAN or WAN-based Serial Ports as Local COM Ports.

NativeCOM from Systech Corporation brings you a powerful technical and cabling advantage in the use of TCP/IP serial communications in the Windows operating environments.

NativeCOM empowers your existing Windows applications to address RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 devices connected to network-attached Systech port servers as if they were on local serial (COM) ports. It frees you to deploy important serial devices like payment controllers, grocery scales, kitchen printers, time clocks, and industrial sensors anywhere you need them. It eliminates the hassles of long serial cabling runs and the expense of dedicated, remote PC controllers.

NativeCOM installs in minutes with an easy-to-use configuration utility that automatically configures the ports. It supports all COM port parameters and modem signals! And it offers extensive debugging tools for applications which use Win32 and serial communications.

NativeCOM uses TCP/IP and Telnet protocols to establish reliable communications across the Ethernet LAN or PPP WAN. And it is transparent to your applications and your linking.

NativeCOM ports are fully integrated with your Windows operating environment and support all the Win32 API functions supported by standard COM ports. In fact, the operating system doesn't even know they're not local! The ports inter-operate with the local COM ports on your PCs. They are presented wherever COM ports normally appear, in Windows dialog boxes and control panels.

NativeCOM is bundled and licensed free of charge with Systech's leading brand of TCP/IP communications servers.