SysSCRIPT IoT Scripting Software

SysSCRIPT™ is a beginner-friendly scripting solution that anyone can use for Machine To Machine applications or the Internet of Things.

Many M2M applications require local intelligence in the gateway.  Local intelligence provides many advantages including:

  • Monitor and control properties of any device.

  • Data filtering to reduce the amount of raw data transmitted to the cloud.

  • Local data analytics, providing a focused view of important data points and ability to recognize and process trends.

  • Local “if this then that” functionality without the need for Internet connectivity.

  • Fast response time, eliminating the potentially slow path to and from the cloud.

In a traditional M2M solution, custom software is created to execute on an embedded Linux operating system located on the gateway.  This custom software may be created in Python, C, JavaScript, or any other programming language supported by Linux.  This is a good solution, but requires significant development time, and must be created by experienced software engineers.

With SysSCRIPT, the software development process is streamlined.  Instead of months of expensive development time, this is reduced to just a few minutes – and can be done by non-engineering resources.

The world of the Internet of Things becomes much simpler and practical when integrators, VARS, and even end users are able to create applications to meet just about any need.

Email and text alerts can be generated with simple scripts.  SysSCRIPT allows simple decision-making based on device properties, time, weather, temperature, motion, part failure, vibration, humidity, or just about anything that can be measured.

Time is money, and faster development time results in faster time to revenue.


  • Powerful scripting language

  • Simple to use

  • Impossible to create a syntax error

  • Cloud driven for easy access anywhere

  • Scripts executed locally on gateway so no Internet access required for execution

  • Powerful programming available under the surface for custom operations

  • Script management for large deployments

  • No programming experience necessary

SysSCRIPT Quick Start Videos

SysSCRIPT Initialization

SysSCRIPT Remote Control & Monitoring

SysSCRIPT Programming