Systech TLS 1.2 Compatibility

Payment processors are requiring TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 for internet-based transactions.

All IPG models require firmware revision 02F or later to support TLS 1.2
Link to IPG firmware files and release notes:

All SL (SysLINK) models require OpenSSL package version 1.0.1j or later to support TLS 1.2.
Link to latest Core Apps and OpenSSL packages:
note: Most SL units already have this but you can check the version in your unit from the Software Versions page in the browser interface.

All units can be updated through the Flash Management page in the browser interface.

Instructions for updating IPG-7010 or IPG-7001 units:

IPG-7010 and IPG-7001 devices can be updated locally using the information and instructions at:

Alternative update option:

You can also update IPG devices through our Port Server Utility software if they have firmware older than 02F.

Install the Systech Port Server Utility on the PC or laptop that you will be using to update your units. Download and install the Port Server Utility from:

To upload the firmware file via Port Server Utility:

  • Connect your PC or laptop to a spare port on the router on the same network the IPG-7010 is on
  • Open the Port Server Utility (from the Start Menu under "Programs" or "All Programs")
  • Locate your IPG-7010 in the table in "Step 1"
  • Click on the IP address to select the unit
  • In "Step 2", click the "Browse" button next to "BDNL File to Upload"
  • Select one of the bdnl files that you saved on your PC or laptop.
  • Click the Update/Reboot Unit button