Systech TLS 1.2 Compatibility

Payment processors are requiring TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 for internet-based transactions.

All IPG models require firmware revision 02F or later to support TLS 1.2
Link to IPG firmware files and release notes.

All SL (SysLINK) models require OpenSSL package version 1.0.1j or later to support TLS 1.2.
Link to latest Core Apps and OpenSSL packages:
note: Most SL units already have this but you can check the version in your unit from the Software Versions page in the browser interface.

All units can be updated through the Flash Management page in the browser interface.

Instructions for updating IPG-7010 or IPG-7001 units:

IPG-7010 and IPG-7001 devices can be updated locally using the information and instructions at:

WorldPay customers with Verifone or Gilbarco systems:

If you have a Verifone or Gilbarco POS system connecting to WorldPay through a Systech IPG-75xx or IPG-71xx device, you can find information and instructions for updating your Systech device from a computer on site at:

Alternative update option:

Systech devices can also be updated through the web browser interface using the following steps:

  1. Connect your laptop or computer to the same network or router as the Systech device.
  2. Go to - download and install PSUtil.exe.
  3. Open port server utility – Should be in the Start Menu under “Programs” or “All Programs.”
  4. Make note of the IP address of your Systech device under the column “IP Address/Hostname”  - note: If a hostname is displayed and not the IP address, hover the cursor over the hostname and a separate box will pop up that will display the IPv4 address. 
  5. Open a browser and type in the IP address noted from the Port Server Utility.  This should bring up a page that says “Welcome to the IPG.”
  6. Go to the link on the left for “Flash Management.”
  7. Click the “Browse” or “Choose File” button under  “BDNL Filename To Upload” and select the firmware file.
  8. Click “Update Flash.”
  9. Once the firmware is updated, the browser interface will no longer display.  (note: if you want to re-connect to the browser interface, use https:// in front of the IP address).