SysLINK Core Apps Version 01A.16

Release Notes

Release notes - 01A.12 to 01A.16

UG Category Notes
3304 Application The SysLINK can sometimes hang when reading the data flash, causing reboots to hang.
3300 Base Add stpkg-tzdata package to provide timezone data.
3351 Cellular Manager Ensure that the HSPA or LTE carrier is reported when detected.
3350 Cellular Manager LE-910 initialization error. Results in message "QMI is missing. The module will not attempt a data connection"
3357 Cellular Manager Hardware version not displayed with some Sprint modules
3295 Cellular Manager Activation status is not updated during forced activation
3297 Cellular Manager SIM ID is displayed incorrectly on Huwaei modules
3299 Cellular Manager Change Connection Monitor to keep trying last successful recovery action
3308 Cellular Manager Query modules for cell network info which may used to query cell tower location databases
3312 Cellular Manager PPP I/O statistics reported to SOUP may report less than actual or negative values.
3328 Cellular Manager Implement data retry back-off on Telit HE-910
3330 Cellular Manager If the network is not available a numeric error code is displayed in the Cell Network Info field rather than blank. Also reported to SOUP this way.
3337 Cellular Manager Provide UI to enable/disable diversity antenna and report diversity antenna status to soup.
3347 Cellular Manager Carrier is not displayed on units with Telit LTE modules.
3348 Network Fix bug that would cause extra polling of alive hosts when a backup network interface was in use.
3315 IO Add button driver and support for the function button.
3228 LED Signal strength sometimes not correctly displayed on CV4 models.
3313 LED Bluetooth port LED on SL-1500 models does not work.
3320 Network Unit sometimes fails to obtain an ethernet IP address from DHCP.
3332 Network Add support for public non NATed IP pass-through mode.
3333 Network Remote Host Monitoring (RHM) application lock not initialized.
3342 Network SysLINK stops communicating on UI and will not reboot because of an incorrect lock. Usually occurs if first SOUP update occurs before the network is up.
3306 Protocol Filter Some Cash Depot EMV packets are large. Filter timer is too short for them.
3309 Protocol Filter SSE applications can hang waiting for DNS lookups.
3341 SOUP Unit will never report pkv (package versions) to SOUP if SOUP update fails
3334 Tracing System trace display requests may block an indefinite period of time.
3352 UI Update to display the software package version list in more than one column when there is a large number to display.
3287 UI Regenerating the identity certificate from the SSL Security Certificates UI can cause the web server to hang.
3307 UI Some LTE and GPS model strings are not shown properly on model page.
3319 UI The MV model string parameter is not shown on SL-600 models.
3326 Utils Report the stpkg-openl2tp-deps package from control file if available rather than from individual package components.
3327 Utils st_bootenv can hang when querying the kernel or root fs partition.

Core Apps Code Images

To install the packages listed below, first right click and save the link to your PC. Then login to the SysLINK and click the Flash Management link on the left menu. Use the Choose File button to select the package saved previously, then the Update Flash button to install the package. You wll get a confirmation message after each package is installed. For more details on logging into the SysLINK, see the Quickstart Guide.

  • Core Apps - SL2000 group For SL-05, SL-08, SL-1, SL-2 (960K) SOUP ID: 10000001

  • Core Apps - SL4000 group For SL-15, SL-3 and SL-4 (960K) SOUP ID: 10000001

SysSCRIPT Code Images

To upgrade a unit to include SysSCRIPT Lite:

  1. First, install the new core apps above and reboot.

  2. Download the SysSCRIPT packages listed below to your PC.

  3. Install the packages on your SysLINK in the order shown, and reboot.

  4. Finally, login to your SysLINK and use the SysMAP Settings link to enable SysSCRIPT and save.

  5. Please contact us at with the serial numbers of your SysLINK units, so we can provision our servers.

  6. See the Quickstart Guide for more information.

  • Libphidget (288K) SOUP ID: 1000001C

  • Tzdata (40K) SOUP ID: 1000002C

  • NodeJS (6.7M) SOUP ID: 10000021

  • SysMAP 2.1 (1.4M) SOUP ID: 10000022

Other coincident releases

Package SOUP ID Notes
stpkg-kernel-sl2000_3.2.6.r4138+.bdnl 10000002 See release notes below
stpkg-kernel-sl4000_3.2.6.r4138+.bdnl 10000002 See release notes below
stpkg-module-systech-serial-sl2000_r4147.bdnl 10000005 Update to coincide with r4138 kernel
stpkg-module-systech-serial-sl4000_r4147.bdnl 10000005 Update to coincide with r4138 kernel
stpkg-certs_1.33.bdnl 10000003 Since 1.31 - Added certs:
Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority
Starfield Services Root Certificate Authority - G2
Thawte intermediate CA
stpkg-dropbear_2016.74-r4020.bdnl 10000026 Update to standard open source version 2016.74
stpkg-ppp_2.4.7-r4007.bdnl 1000000E Update to standard open source version 2.4.7. Required for Telit LE866 module.
stpkg-glibc-patches_2.9-r4003.bdnl 10000006 Update with additional upstream glibc patches: bz_15014, bz_16574, and bz_18665.
Add angstrom patches to match the original glibc-2.9 angstrom build.
stpkg-ipsec-tools_0.8.2-r4097.bdnl 1000000B Added package manifest control file to package. No functional or version change.
stpkg-openl2tp-deps_r4095.bdnl 10000014 Added package manifest control file to package.
stpkg-openvpn_2.3.12-r4052.bdnl 10000012 Update to standard open source version 2.3.12
stpkg-openssl_1.0.2j-r4063.bdnl 10000013 Update to standard open source version 1.0.2j

Kernel Release Notes

From 3.2.6.r3979 to 3.2.6.r4138

BUG Category Notes
3298 Drivers SPI driver cleanup to prevent hang reading data flash.
3315 Drivers Add button driver and support for the function button.
3316 Drivers Add support for new SL-08 model with RS-232-DTE,RS-232-DCE,RS-485,RS-422 serial card option.
3335 Drivers Add sound support to the SysLINK kernel.
3322 Models Add support for SL-05CR models.
3344 Models Assign ID for option card SG-3

Previous releases

01A.12 01A.8 01A.6