SysLINK IoT Gateway Benefits - Flexible


Many hardware interface options are implemented with modular option cards, so the exact required interfaces can be supported off-the-shelf. Support is provided for up to eight simultaneous wireless interfaces in a single gateway. The gateway is certified for all supported wireless options, including cellular certification for most carriers and most countries. Interface options include:

  • Ethernet

  • Serial

  • USB

  • Cellular

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Zigbee

  • Z-Wave

Interface options are typically integrated during manufacturing. However, interface options may also be added remotely in the field. For example, an SL-600 IoT gateway may initially ship with Ethernet, cellular, and Wi-Fi interfaces. Later, if a wireless mesh network is required, a zigbee interface may be added to the gateway.


Software flexibility is provided by the Linux OS. Full Linux access is provided, including the development toolchain, to enable installation of custom software for local, edge computing. Tools are provided for a unified development environment supporting Java, C, C++, Python, and other Linux programming languages.

Additionally, you may integrate your own application-specific software.

Other SysLINK Benefits