SysCONNECT Modem Upgrade Installation Instructions

The Systech SysCONNECT Modem may be used to upgrade an existing Systech SysLINK Modular IoT Gateway with a new cellular modem.  Select a link below to access instructions on how to perform the physical upgrade of a gateway. 

Instructions for SysLINK SL-500

Instructions for SysLINK SL-800

Instructions for IPG

Standalone Modem for Windows Instructions

The Systech SysCONNECT Modem may be used with Windows for Internet access. These instructions work for Windows 7 through Windows 10.

  1. Connect the the SysCONNECT modem to your PC via USB and wait 30 seconds for it to enumerate.

  2. Open the Device Manager and verify that there are one or more ports under COM & LPT.

  3. If more than one COM port enumerates, use a terminal program to connect to one of the ports, type AT and verify that the module responds with OK. If not, then try another COM port.

  4. Go to Control panel -> Phone and Modem->Modems tab->Click Add button.

  5. If asked, enter any area code.

  6. Check "Don't detect my modem. I will select from the list" checkbox.

  7. In the next window select "Standard 56000 Modem" and click "Next".

  8. In the next window select the port number from step 3.

  9. Windows installs the modem and it appears in the "Modems" tab of the "Phone and Modems" control panel window.

  10. Go to Control panel -> Network And Sharing Center->Setup a new connection or network.

  11. Select Dial up.

  12. Select the "Standard 56000 Modem" you installed earlier.

  13. "Create Dial-up connection" window appears.

  14. Under "Phone number" enter “*99***3#” without the quotes.

  15. You can name the connection anything you like.

  16. Click "Connect".

  17. The new connection appears if you click on the "Network" icon in the task bar.

  18. Right click brings up the "Properties" dialog. If the modem successfully connected the "Status" menu item will be available, with the IP assigned to the module by the cellular network, DNS servers and other info.