Security Updates

Link to security updates (addresses "Krack" Wi-Fi vulnerability)

SysLINK Core Apps Version 01A.22

Release Notes

Release notes - 01A.20 to 01A.22

Bug Category Notes
3378 AR SL-600 and SL-1500 models with a single ethernet connector may allow partitioning of the ethernet interface into LAN and WAN when they should not.
3370 Cellular Enhance the module recovery mechanism in case the module becomes unresponsive.
3371 Cellular Add a Cell Manager Alert type for reboots due to failure to communicate with the module.
3377 Cellular Enable inbound traffic on LE-866 module
3380 Cellular Signal strength and cell info reporting improvements for Telit LTE modules
3379 Licensing Add support for feature licenses.

Core Apps Code Images

To install the packages listed below, first right click and save the link to your PC. Then login to the SysLINK and click the Flash Management link on the left menu. Use the Choose File button to select the package saved previously, then the Update Flash button to install the package. You wll get a confirmation message after each package is installed. For more details on logging into the SysLINK, see the Quickstart Guide.

SysSCRIPT Code Images

To upgrade a unit to include SysSCRIPT Lite:

  1. First, install the new core apps above and reboot.

  2. Download the SysSCRIPT packages listed below to your PC.

  3. Install the packages on your SysLINK in the order shown, and reboot.

  4. Finally, login to your SysLINK and use the SysMAP Settings link to enable SysSCRIPT and save.

  5. Please contact us at with the serial numbers of your SysLINK units, so we can provision our servers.

  6. See the Quickstart Guide for more information.


Package SOUP ID Size Notes
stpkg-mtd-utils_1.5.2-r4213.bdnl 1000000F 280K Update NAND tools to 1.5.2 - allows updating Kernel if there are bad blocks in the kernel section of flash
stpkg-openssl_1.0.2k-r4201.bdnl 10000013 1076K Update to standard open source version 1.0.2k
stpkg-certs_1.34.bdnl 10000003 57K Add DigiCert Global Root CA and GeoTrust RSA CA 2018 certs to file system. Expired SSL Certificate VeriSign, Inc., OU=Class 1 Public Primary Certification Authority - G2

Previous releases

01A.20 01A.18 01A.16 01A.12 01A.8 01A.6