SysLINK IoT Gateway Benefits - Upgradable

One constant of IoT applications is that they are never constant. For example, cellular technology continues to improve year after year. How can you deploy a cellular IoT gateway for 5 or 10 years if cellular technology is changing faster than that? No problem with SysLINK gateways.

SysLINK gateways support a modular interface architecture. The cellular radio is a plug-in option card. So, after a few years, a cellular radio upgrade is a simple process of removing the old radio option card, and inserting another. Today, existing Systech customers are upgrading their SysLINK 2G and 3G radios with 4G. Upgrading to 5G will be a similar process. Your IoT gateway hardware investment is safe.

Learn more about Systech’s cellular radio option card here.

Other SysLINK Benefits